Love My Bees

Bees in troubleYou may not have heard or noticed but bees are in trouble! I love my bees. One of my favorite summer ‘downtime’ activities is sitting on my side porch with a cold iced tea in hand and watching the busy bees float through the flowers of the tall graceful abelia surrounding me. Here in the Raleigh/Durham area, the headquarters for Burt’s Bees is a fun (and usually romantic!) day trip to the heart of Old Durham in the former American Tobacco campus. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this important but little known crisis. I’ve placed a few links to follow and learn. For my part I want to help start our neighborhood association in creating urban gardens and building hives for our busy friends! The diversity of urban gardens and helping different bee varieties to establish themselves in new areas is an important piece of trying to reverse this devastation of the bee populations.

Disappearing Bees

President proposes using public land to help bees

Pollinators extinction threatens world’s food supply

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