Stepbrother Pimp

Stepbrother Pimp - A Steamy Erotic Novella Serial by Claire DonovanI wrote Pimp as a challenge to myself. The challenge was to write a fun and thoughtful take on the Stepbrother Romance meme.

I was attending my monthly RWA meeting in Raleigh, and two fellow writers began laughing about the absurdity of stepbrother romances, poking fun at the concept and basically trash-talking about any writer who would stoop so low for sales.

On our ride home, my husband and I began discussing the possible reasons and emotions buttressing the popularity of step-sibling romances. There is, of course, the tabooness of the situation, but gradually the ‘baked-in’ tension and drama of an erotic step-sibling relationship became clear to me. There is nothing inherently illegal or immoral about adults unrelated by blood falling in love, but there can be a lot of hotness!

We started kicking around the furthest bizarre takes on step-sibling relationships. He suggested a ‘Stepbrother Pimp’. The idea made us laugh outrageously and we began to toss the idea around even more. I really began to like ‘My Pimp’. Then I found myself wanting to write this romance about my ‘Stepbrother Pimp’.Soon after I began the story, Pimp grew to be quite a fun and interesting undertaking. It was important to me that my Heroine, Alyssa, take responsibility for her decisions and relate as an equal to my Hero’s determined character. Mace and Alyssa have differing viewpoints that often clash, but they each possess important strengths that add to the growth of a sustainable, loving and passionate relationship.

There are graphic sex scenes and situations, but these entanglements serve the plot and the developing relationship between Mace and Alyssa, not the other way around. The protagonists in Pimp grow and learn about themselves and each other throughout their emerging romance. The Xciting Arrangements Series is the result of that March discussion with my husband.

Pimp’s ideal reader is a woman 21+ who is well-read in General Fiction, but specifically in the sub-genres of Contemporary Romance and New Adult. The series has all the classic elements of a traditional romance, and is a 3 burner steamy romance (out of 5). The Xciting Arrangements Serial has been well-received by enthusiastic ARC reviewers on Goodreads and Amazon, and all four books are available on Amazon.

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