Escort Series

My body, my virginity is a valuable commodity, and my stepbrother is my keeper.



I’m great at three things in life: f**king, pimping, and fighting.

I own an exclusive escort service for high-end girls and high-rollers. I’m having my most profitable year ever. My life is fan-f**king-tastic.

Until the day my smart, sexy stepsister, Alyssa, waltzes in for a job and strips off her clothes.

What the fuck is she doing here, saying her name is Carly Olson?

Now I can’t get her out of my mind. I want her, or no one at all.


I don’t like bad boys… I’m a good girl, I really am: I’m hard-working and bright, a pre-med student at Princeton.

My stepbrother, Mace, is an ass. A cocky, skirt-chasing, testosterone driven MMA fighter.

I’m drowning in student debt, about to lose my scholarship, while he makes millions doing things he won’t talk about.

But I don’t need any help from Mace, and I definitely don’t want him back in my life.

So why do I feel his gravity pulling me into his dark world?

***Violence warning. HEA. No cheating. Series.***

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