Boss: Book Three of a Four-Part Serial

Boss: Book Three : Steamy Romance Serial

I can’t believe Mace still wants to auction my virginity.


Sometimes people don’t want to remember the things that happen to them, because it’s so f**king awful. I never wanted that for Alyssa.

So, what am I doing looking through my customer files, for guys who might want to pay, to take Alyssa’s virginity?

She seems to have taken to the escort business, like a duck to water. Far be it from me, to forbid her.

I keep telling myself to remember this is a business.

She’s probably the best Fast Girl I’ve ever trained. She’s teaching me new tricks, sh** I never thought of. She’s that good. I need to let her go..


I don’t want to go where Mace is going, which might be straight to jail.

I feel like we’re tumbling down a rabbit hole where rules stand on their head.

I want to climb back out with Mace, but I don’t think he even realizes we’re in a topsy-turvy world.

I’m mad, but I can tell Mace is as well. I watch his jaw working all during the ride, his knuckles whitening on the steering wheel.

We’ve come too far, to give up now. We’re just starting to talk about real feelings, but he’s already giving up on us, and trying to blame me.

*** Boss: Book Three is the third installment in the four-part Xciting Arrangements MC Novel serialization. Some MMA Violence warning. HEA. No cheating. Possible Series to include standalone novels featuring characters first introduced in Boss. ***

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