Boss: Book Four of a Four-Part Serial

Boss : Book Four : Steamy Romance Serial

I don’t know if Mace will ever want anything solid between us. He’s not near ready to let his feelings grow and risk commitment.


The truth about Alyssa and me is that I’m trying to let her go. And if she won’t go on her own free will, then I’ll just have to push her along.

The only reason I keep hanging out with her is because I can’t stop myself. She’s too sexy and fun.

I’m having a very f**king hard time putting the necessary distance between us. She wants us to get even closer, and that can’t happen.

I should never have let her back into my life. I would never have thought she was so vulnerable and serious in relationships. I didn’t know she was like that.

I care too much about her to hurt her. I’m not going to let her hope there’s any future with me. Because there isn’t.


Even if Mace lets me move in, what possible future can I have with him?

What kind of man encourages his girlfriend to sell her body to other men?

I think I know the answer: a heartless pimp.

And what kind of girl would want him anyway?

I think I know the answer. Me.

*** Boss: Book Four is the fourth installment of the Xciting Arrangements MC Novel serialization. Some MMA Violence warning. HEA. No cheating. Possible Series featuring standalone novels/novellas featuring characters introduced in this serial. ***

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